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Nigella Lawson

gorgeous Nigella

just caught an episode of Nigella Lawson’s newest TV show, Nigellissima.

the above is a promo for the show….

although the meat pizza (crust was made of meat) and Nutella cheesecake were not especially yumula-inducing, the abject charm and deliciousness of the woman herself — and her gorgeously lit food pron — is not to be missed.

Meatzza video….

i discovered Nigella on her show, Nigella Bites, when it was on years ago. there was such relaxation and ease and joy in how she worked with, and enjoyed food. so i became a lifelong fan.

was reading through some of the articles about her, and stumbled upon this great quote:

“But I like greedy people. I think if I was with someone who wasn’t greedy that would be a bad sign.” Greedy for what? “Everything. Anything. Greedy people generally have an energy and interest in life.”

there’s something about women like Nigella Lawson — and Martha Stewart comes to mind — that just makes me feel hopeful. smart, interesting, compelling women.


Nigella Lawson in episode 1 of Nigellissima