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Coppertone baby

Olives Gourmet Grocery in Long Beach, CA -- at my friend Debra Jane's amazing and wonderful blog

“Don’t be a paleface!” — Coppertone Baby
Olives Gourmet Grocery in Long Beach, CA — at my friend Debra Jane’s amazing and wonderful blog

my friend Debra Jane is continuing to do her roadtrips documenting signs and mid-century buildings and features of interest via her Roadside Architecture resources.

the main website is called Roadside Architecture.

please definitely follow along on her amazing blog.

and her former flickr photostream is now at ipernity.

heck yeah! Internet Archive

The Internet Archive is just all sorts of wonderful.

Proof here:

filing systems

cataloging the stylin’ people

so this is my friend — and former co-worker in the ibank trenches — Jafe Campbell.

the "real" Jafe, at a great restaurant called Piccolo (this is the upper west side location -- but there's one on Jafe's block downtown)

Jafe, at a great restaurant called Piccolo (this is the upper west side location — but there’s one on Jafe’s block downtown)
their coffee is major (highly addictive and smooth!) — and their food is a delight

Jafe is very stylin’….

i have some ongoing projects documenting Jafe’s extreme style.

it began with Jafe Shooz

and continued with Jafe Patternz

gonzo Jafe!

the Jafesteras Hunter S. Thompson for Halloween

the Jafester
as Hunter S. Thompson for Halloween

witnessth! the original icon:

Portrait of Gonzo Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson. [Rendez Padgett] [d]id this with charcoal, chalk, acrylic paint, collaged paper, and photoshop.

Portrait of Gonzo Journalist, Hunter S. Thompson
[Rendez Padgett] [d]id this with charcoal, chalk, acrylic paint, collaged paper, and photoshop.

such great imagery of Hunter S. Thompson online.

hunter s thompson by ~curtlivingston Digital Art / Drawings / Portraits©2009-2012 ~curtlivingston

hunter s thompson by ~curtlivingston
Digital Art / Drawings / Portraits ©2009-2012 ~curtlivingston

the gonzo man hisself in one of his shirtz…

the screenwriting lady

so anyway, my awesome friend Jafe has been working for an NYU professor in screenwriting (aka “the screenwriting lady”) for a long time now, helping her out with word processing on an ad hoc basis. he is starting to help her more regularly. and asked me to help him with some file organization tips.

this is Marilyn Horowitz (aka “the screenwriting lady”).

Marilyn Horowitz aka "the screenwriting lady"

Marilyn Horowitz aka “the screenwriting lady”

Marilyn Horowitz (logo from her book)

Marilyn Horowitz
(cool logo from some of her books)

organized dirt

Jafe knows my skillsets pretty intimately after our 15+ years in the trenches together. i like organizing things. a lot. it’s like in my being, part of the essence of who i am as a person. part compulsion, part desire to organize information, part of why i enjoy content and the gathering of information, a voracious need to absorb and enjoy information in all of its myriad forms….

so i am a good “ringer” to come in and help. and have more confidence and structural concepts in my arsenal after getting my Library & Information Science master’s degree.

stuff like this totally excites me.


Museum of Art & Design exhibit
Swept Away: Dust, Ashes, and Dirt in Contemporary Art and Design
February 7 – August 5, 2012
Dirt collected from the five boroughs of New York

great exhibit. great library. wonderful time hanging with my nieces this summer….

Phoebe CummingsFlora, 2010Unfired clay13 x 18 x 11 ft. (3.7 x 5.5 x 3.4 m)

Phoebe Cummings
Flora, 2010
Unfired clay
13 x 18 x 11 ft. (3.7 x 5.5 x 3.4 m)

a formal introduction to the exhibit.

organized dirt! what could be better?!?

growing up in an office

continuing the thread of organization…. there’s a real thread of workaholism in my family. good or bad it’s just sort of how we are. we are a diligent, hard-working people. my Padre, my father, has been a constant example for me over the years.

and strange as it may seem, from the time i was about 4 years old through high school and beyond, i grew up in my dad’s various offices. after our parents got divorced and we moved to Lincoln my brother and sister and i would take the bus from Lincoln to Omaha (and back) every weekend to see our dad in Omaha. we did this for about 10 years, from when i was 4 years old to when we moved back to Omax and i started junior high in 1981.

every Saturday morning, Da would pick us up from the Greyhound bus depot in downtown Omaha. we would trek on over to the now closed Bishop’s Buffet (an old school cafeteria restaurant) for breakfast, then we would go with him to his office, usually until dinnertime. it sounds a bit child abuse-y looking back on it but there was always a TV there — and we had a pinball machine at one point thanks to Linda aka Wife #2’s dad, the beloved Zede (who with his brothers ran a coin operation business for cigarette and pinball machines in Omaha). we got to spend a lot more time with our dad than i think we probably would have if it wasn’t like that. and i sort of liked it. really, i didn’t know any other way to spend Saturdays back then.

one of my formative memories was of Bob Fromkin. a legendary and loving presence from my childhood.

Bob Fromkin, one of my dad's partners, at work in the office

Bob Fromkin
one of my dad’s partners, at work in the office

an old office sign: Fromkin, Fromkin & Herzog

an old office sign:
Fromkin, Fromkin & Herzog
my dad was originally in the firm with Bob Fromkin and Bob’s father….

this is a picture of my dad and Grandma Pearl….

Grandma Pearl and my dad

Grandma Pearl, at Rose Blumkin Jewish Home, and my dad

my da and Auntie Ruthie, Grandma Pearl's sister

my da and Auntie Ruthie, Grandma Pearl’s youngest sister
(apologies for the shot of Ruthie with her eyes closed — Herzog and Segall family tradition! i just love the fierce look on Da’s face)

this is very typical of my Da — picking weeds and clearing dirt (dirt theme!) off the graves at the cemetery where his mom, dad, and younger brother are buried….

Da pulling weeds at Beth El Cemetery in Omaha

Da pulling weeds and clearing dirt at Beth El Cemetery in Omaha

these are from when Da visited me in New York a while ago….

Da at Katz's Delicatessen in New York City

Da at Katz’s Delicatessen in New York City

it was a good time.



instilled by Da

so growing up in an office, it’s like all this filing and organizing is in my blood. i would “work” for my dad as a kid, sitting at the receptionist desk and letting my dad know when clients would come in to see him on Saturdays. i would do fun stuff like photocopy money and play with the carbon paper…. oy veyshmere, the joys of youth!

i went to Omaha Central High School a few blocks away. so in addition to hitching a ride with my Da in the mornings and accompanying Da and his alter cocker friends to Bishop’s Buffet in the mornings, during my senior year i actually worked a regular job every day after school as a runner and file clerk at the office. i would file documents, pick up files, drop off things to the judges at the courthouses downtown.

i remember going back and forth to the Douglas County District Courthouse at lot — one of the prettiest building downtown. there were other courthouses and city buildings i went to but this one is my favorite.

Douglas County District Courthouse in Omaha, NE (a closeup)

Douglas County District Courthouse in Omaha, NE (a closer view)

in addition to the work as a runner and other various office jobs like photocopying, putting postage on mail, etc., Da had me organize his filing system and cull files to be sent to storage. words like Pendaflex, lateral files, photocopy, third-cut manilla folders were just part of my world growing up.

so while i job search, i am going in for a few hours at a time and helping Jafe improve Marilyn’s office, specifically her filing system.

it has been really great. the work ties together my background in the movie business as a production assistant and then fledgling script supervisor, etc. — along with an ongoing and perpetual movie love (thanks to early influences of family movie nights and Pauline Kael‘s New Yorker reviews) — with an early, ingrained affinity for filing and organization.

yeah, i’m a Paulette! darned tooting!

look what i stumbled upon. love this woman…. cool!