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something about walking around in the rain and cold — and maybe because it has been going around — i have been sick for the last week or so. which is why i haven’t blogged in a while.

feeling loads better though not at 100%. going to take this weekend to rest and hydrate and try this it’s the New Year thing out again next week.

Thin Lizzy!

a little Thin Lizzy for this cool January night.

Phil Lynott RIP. died 26 years ago last night (4 January 1986). thanks to Donny for the post to Facebook.

Phil Lynott, such a talent

Phil Lynott, such talent


new blog order

so i’m starting a new blog.


i was so happy with my Fall 2012 blog, Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic, that i wanted to keep going.

Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic (my old blog)

screenshot of my old blog

but that blog was very specific in its purpose. i was using Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic as a research tool to learn about all of the bands i was going to see at Wigginstock 2012 — a very small private music festival held in a small town in Mississippi — and to research travel options and ideas for the big roadtrip / vacation i was taking from New York City to Louisiana to Mississippi back home to New York City.


for this blog, i am still going to blog about music. because it’s who i am, this musicLUV.

but i wanted to pull stuff that i find on Twitter into something more coherent and thoughtful than just a bunch of retweets.

if i take some cool pictures — which i love to do — i want to post some of them here.

and in my life post-Credit Suisse, one of my goals is to educate myself in new technologies, and become more focused in learning these technologies — implementing them in the many personal projects i am involved in. which i want to talk about here.


this life, post-Credit Suisse, will also be about the next steps in my journey forward.

i am shifting from a world where i had a job that was my money job — a job that was a great job that allowed me to work with a smart amazing family of people and make enough money to live in New York City and do other stuff, like chase my dreams — to a world where i might actually have a career.

scary awesome and exciting.

thanks for joining me.