Next steps

I am a workaholic without a job. Oy freaking vey, right?


And for a computer literate person, I have been like kryptonite with my devices. My iPhone was dead but the auto recovery with two step authentication had me without a replacement for almost 5 days. Couldn’t exactly apply for jobs or do much of anything without a phone.

Then my MacBook Pro stopped booting up, which was okay for a while but sometimes it would freeze and reboot. Or not reboot to a white or black screen. So it’s at the Apple depot for 3-5 days. Here’s hoping the 2011 logic board replacement program covers repairs. Otherwise I get to figure out how to find $575 or lose it completely.

It doesn’t end there. I went to an informal Wikipedia hackathon and brought my heavy semi-annoying but working ASUS laptop that has a dual boot Windows 7 + Ubuntu.

Excited by seeing others using Ubuntu, which I hadn’t upgraded in forever, I started an upgrade of Ubuntu. There were tons of errors but I had to get going home after a long day. When I tried to restart the computer it seemed really messed up so I went onto the Windows side thinking logically (not) that I could just delete the Ubuntu partition and redo it. But I restarted the computer and it went to grub rescue mode. The ninth circle of hell.

I tried all the google solutions. Then realized I would need to do a USB install of Ubuntu to get past grub recovery. Couldn’t find USBs that were clear so went to drugstore and bought USBs. Thought okay I can go to the library and format these and put the install on them. Yeah that isn’t allowed.

So went to my friend’s apt where he has an iMac. Spent hours trying to create these Ubuntu USBs. When I figured it out finally the steps to find the boot wouldn’t execute properly — I know I did something wrong but after 4 hours I had worn out my welcome.

So I should be grateful. At least I have my iPhone and knock wood it is working good. But no computer.

I will head to the library to write cover letters and job hunt. I’m also going to see if cold calling temp agencies will get me at least an interview and something modest so I start to get some income. I am not enjoying being home and puttering around on various projects much because I’m so stressed about money and not working.

Workaholic without computers, job, etc. Blah blah blah.


About Erika Herzog

big music fan. used to work in the movie business a little bit. love weaving and knitting. own a banjo. haven't picked up the corn cob pipe. yet.

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