PBS, C-SPAN and Democracy Now!

i know a lot of folks in the United States are pretty upset about the whole “turn of events” on Downton Abbey this week, but i hope they know things will recover, as they tend to, in a Jullian Fellowes experience.

Lady Sybil

Lady Sybil, oh Lady Sybil!

seeing as i don’t have a steady income right now, i decided to make some adjustments to my budget. for a while now i have been upset at the monopoly of Time Warner Cable in New York City — and have been dismayed and annoyed at the cost of basic cable service. so i actually needed to get my monthly bill down significantly, and had turned off the original programming channels i had (HBO and Showtime) a while ago.

then i did some belt-tightening over the last few years and decided to go down to the Basic and Standard cable packages.

well a week or so ago i decided to go down to Basic. that means no TNT, no Bravo, no E!, no TVLand, no ABC Family.

i thought it was going to really suck, but it has been actually okay. i am watching the network TV shows i usually watch for original programming, so that hasn’t changed much. but now i am watching a lot more PBS. because PBS, quite frankly, is AWESOME.

i am also, yes, watching C-SPAN. it is also quite awesome.

though i don’t seem to get the HD C-SPAN channels, and the Time Warner folks don’t know why. but at least i get the main C-SPAN channel. yay.

i do miss the Rachel Maddow, who has such a fabulously playful and attractive brain. seriously, i have a crush on thee Rachel Maddow’s brain.

i was watching Democracy Now! as well, but now it has now become my main feed for great news coverage. especially in the absence of thee Maddow.

as i am wont to say, ad nauseum, it’s all about content. content is king. and i’m pretty happy with the content that is out there right now.


About Erika Herzog

big music fan. used to work in the movie business a little bit. love weaving and knitting. own a banjo. haven't picked up the corn cob pipe. yet.

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