browser issues


ooh deliciousness! Eels has a new record streaming. will be released in the next week or so.

browser issues

so i am an addict, an addict to the Google Chrome browser. i used to love Firefox, thought it was a sea change from Internet Explorer and Safari. but then along came Google Chrome with the elegant single address bar and search bar. and the theory that each tab was a separate operating instance, so having multiple tabs open at once doesn’t (theoretically) drag you down.

however, recently i’ve noticed there are significant performance issues with Google Chrome. YouTube doesn’t want to play. i today noticed i can’t get sound to play if i use Chrome. and it’s slow to load many tabs now. and locks up very often.

some of my tab icons

some of my tab icons
to get these in Google Chrome just edit and delete all text….

Safari is actually a lot faster and is definitely more stable. but i want to have the tab icons (see above).

well if i continue to have these performance issues i may have to suck it up and lose the tab icon convenience and seductive aesthetic of Google Chrome — and shift to Safari.

i am actually sometimes using Camino, a Mac-only browser i found out about on

beyond that gripe

i’m still in limbo, of my own creation, of course.

have a bunch of options up in the air. LIS / Archives options that are not paying but would be soul-enriching and lovely if they work out. crossing fingers!

have started to get phone calls and emails from headhunters about Financial Presentation Specialist jobs, a job i know i can do, have loved doing over the last 15 years, but is not really where my heart and vision for the future lies.

am trying to think outside the box, really listen to my heart about things. am not in 100% panic about money thankfully, so although this is a frustrating time i have to believe that things will work out in terms of job(s), career(s), things that i feel passionate about. i am loving being in touch with people and actually spending time out and about more. i was truly under a rock when i was working all the time, second shift, and just not available or around much.

flabby muscles

definitely suffer from flabby muscle syndrome. having motivation issues for sure.

also very stubbornly feeling like i want to stay in New York City and not relocate. unless i really love the job opportunity. i am not done with this place, a place where i feel like people understand who i am and what i am doing. a place where there is diversity and community (at least in the sense of having a common existence). i don’t know. much more later, as it goes.

Tim Roth, the actor, is also an incredible of his images.

Tim Roth, the actor, is also an incredible photographer.
one of his images.


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big music fan. used to work in the movie business a little bit. love weaving and knitting. own a banjo. haven't picked up the corn cob pipe. yet.

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