moving furniture, cleaning oven

happy holidays to all


Portrait of Santa Claus, by Thomas Nast, Published in Harper’s Weekly, 1881

for those of you who know me, while i continue to move furniture around — redid my desk setup last night (much better now!) — please brace yourselves. after dithering around this morning i undertook the shocking: cleaned my oven.

it isn’t perfect but it is a sea change for sure. and a time of discovery. who knew you could pull out the bottom part of gas ovens and clean the gunk that falls off in one fell swoop? color me surprised. and very happy. with a sort of shiny newly more hygienic oven. oy.

Image ID: 416531Man operating a brick oven (1900-1937)

not my oven
Image ID: 416531
Man operating a brick oven (1900-1937)

where to begin

so i completed two courses over at so far:

i found James Williamson’s Web Design Fundamentals course to be the most helpful and encouraging. i know how to do most of the stuff on the Hosted Web Site course — the course became a study in clicking on things in the cPanel, so not helpful.

but i am glad i have done both courses. baby steps at this point but i’m flexing the muscle and getting organized.

next steps are where the problems begin: which is probably why i cleaned my oven versus beginning a new course.

i think i am going to back the bus all the way back and restart a course i partially completed on Unix for Mac OS X Users.

then the hardcore stuff begins.

the plan:

then i’m not sure. more HTML?

i still need to learn:

  • CSS and javascript
  • and at least have a familiarization with MySQL and PHP

not to mention tutorials for:

  • cPanel
  • Espresso
  • TextWrangler

other projects

  • my website – rehaul / update / content
    • update TNG (genealogy template)
    • host own blog
  • frank’s website
  • JYY’s website

i also want to get more comfortable with command line computing / Unix, as it seems to be mission critical to everything cool and muscular online.

i have 100 courses in my queue at so i won’t run out of that resource — or the many other tutorials, etc. online. i have some books i bought during grad school but they are in storage until March 2013 at minimum so for now it’s muddle through with the resources i have, which are plenty.



it would be logical to assume i had a computer / technical segment of training during grad school. while it is true that i actually took most of the computer / technical courses that were offered at Palmer, due to the nature of the school — which was both a plus and a minus — the computer classes were not required. and i do not feel equipped or qualified to claim much official knowledge from the computer courses that i did take.

Palmer is one of two library schools in Manhattan, and the students are mostly made up of people who are working full time like i was, and are either getting the “union card” credential of the degree to further an existing career or are career shifters such as myself. people are busy, school is expensive, and there are no official requirements for computer classes as part of the curriculum. which is i think is shameful but makes sense within the confines of what the school offers.

i loved my time at Palmer dearly, was impressed by both the professors and my fellow students. but the cost of this type of curriculum is that i feel very unprepared from the computer / technical side. i don’t know this for sure but i suspect that the University of Michigan and Syracuse and Austin all have more stringent technical requirements of their students.

looking back at my decision to go to grad school for Library Science, i don’t think i would change my choice of Palmer. however, i would have gone through much slower to do more internships and spend time working on projects to advance my skillsets. this was, of course, advice everyone counseled me to follow, but which i recklessly did not heed. dumb me.

project work

so i am going to do what most smart tech folks i know did: i am going to teach myself the best i can and figure this stuff out. i am a very computer-literate person — it’s in my family genes (brother is a programmer, sister worked at Oracle / works at IBM, etc.). but i am undisciplined in the coding arena. and am very anxious and intimidated by the whole thing. i am not sure if i will even enjoy learning or knowing coding, but i have to try and see.

my computer literacy and expertise is in the arena of the end-user, specifically focused on Microsoft Office. i am proud of these skills but i am not quite sure how to monetize and translate them in this journey. so that is what this is all about….

ok. onward!

my favorite, ahem, Manhattan, Project

man alive, i love Christopher Collett. he was so great in this movie. plus it’s a movie that still gives me chills.


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