Vivaldi and the end of the world

Vivaldi time

much thanks to my lovely cousin Alyssa for sharing this wonderful music with me.

i didn’t know anything about Max Richter or his work, Vivaldi Recomposed, but i absolutely adore Vivaldi. this reworking of the Four Seasons is both modern and evocative of the past. perfect holiday music.

Max Richter

Max Richter

the end of the world, or the Mayan calendar

the world is supposed to end today, and while i don’t want to mock this concept and poke it with a big stick, things have been feeling very cataclysmic lately.

the first page of the the Popol Vuh, which prophesies the end of the world

the first page of the the Popol Vuh, which prophesies (?!?) the end of the world

the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut was definitely psychically damaging. the weather feels weird — family and friends in the midwest are dealing with severe blizzard conditions. and instead of snow there is rain and strong winds outside, making the original windows in my hovel shudder and shake.

the end

and then there is the extreme feeling of ending that i am grappling with on a personal level.

burt reynolds was so crazy good…. The End (the movie), what a cast!

the end of this month officially ends my time at Credit Suisse. the end of 14 plus years (plus at least a year more when i worked as a temp before getting hired). which all seems to be an anomaly in today’s world: it seems rare for folks to be able to stay at one employer more than five years, much less during such extremes of highs and lows that have categorized the investment banking industry during my tenure there.

working — even in a support function — in the financial services industry for this long, i have had a front row seat to what feels like a very shaky economy. and speaking of scary stuff, this fiscal cliff is something to look forward to in the new year, isn’t it?!?

anyway, as this year wraps up and i take a good hard look into the future, this is all swirling around.

a lot of anxiety — and during the post-Sandy shooting news glut i needed an escape. nothing couldn’t be more perfect — or tragic, than Roman Holiday.

Annex - Hepburn, Audrey (Roman Holiday)_02

Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck, downtime on the set of Roman Holiday

ah, the beauty of young love… (cough!)

Audrey Hepburn smoking

Audrey Hepburn smoking

such a nice change, to immerse myself in the gorgeous black and white images. i need to re-watch more of these films.

the kiss

the kiss

Gregory Peck was so amazing. and i fell in love with Audrey Hepburn yet again.

which reminded me of one of my favorite tweener shows of the recent past, 10 Things I Hate About You (the TV show), which introduced the world to his talented grandson, Ethan Peck.

enough with the end!

ok, after all that, i am going to try and ease through the rest of this December — enjoying the remaining time as much as possible.

and look forward to next year, with new beginnings.

i have been applying for some interesting jobs. most are outside of New York, which makes me look around me with a bittersweetness.

ah, bittersweet! i loved the Hoo Doo Gurus so much!

onward, bravely!


About Erika Herzog

big music fan. used to work in the movie business a little bit. love weaving and knitting. own a banjo. haven't picked up the corn cob pipe. yet.

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