new blog order

so i’m starting a new blog.


i was so happy with my Fall 2012 blog, Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic, that i wanted to keep going.

Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic (my old blog)

screenshot of my old blog

but that blog was very specific in its purpose. i was using Hyperbolicsyllabicsesquedalymistic as a research tool to learn about all of the bands i was going to see at Wigginstock 2012 — a very small private music festival held in a small town in Mississippi — and to research travel options and ideas for the big roadtrip / vacation i was taking from New York City to Louisiana to Mississippi back home to New York City.


for this blog, i am still going to blog about music. because it’s who i am, this musicLUV.

but i wanted to pull stuff that i find on Twitter into something more coherent and thoughtful than just a bunch of retweets.

if i take some cool pictures — which i love to do — i want to post some of them here.

and in my life post-Credit Suisse, one of my goals is to educate myself in new technologies, and become more focused in learning these technologies — implementing them in the many personal projects i am involved in. which i want to talk about here.


this life, post-Credit Suisse, will also be about the next steps in my journey forward.

i am shifting from a world where i had a job that was my money job — a job that was a great job that allowed me to work with a smart amazing family of people and make enough money to live in New York City and do other stuff, like chase my dreams — to a world where i might actually have a career.

scary awesome and exciting.

thanks for joining me.


About Erika Herzog

big music fan. used to work in the movie business a little bit. love weaving and knitting. own a banjo. haven't picked up the corn cob pipe. yet.

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