guilty pleasures

this fall TV has been somewhat appalling. new shows have been pretty mediocre.

but there are a few guilty pleasures.

Chicago Fire

the cast of Chicago Fire

the cast of Chicago Fire

right now i’m enjoying the Dick Wolf-produced Chicago Fire. a lot.

  • the cast is good, though sometimes i wonder what Monica Raymund is doing there — sort of seems like slumming after watching her work in lie to me….
  • half the time i forget Steve from Sex & The City is in the show
  • scenes with the thanklessly burdened by dud storylines Eamonn Walker are almost as painful as Kalinda’s scenes with her icky psycho ex-husband in The Good Wife
  • thankfully the blonde guy’s fiance has somewhat disappeared. that storyline was a real dog

don’t it make my brown eyes blue


blue eyes

Taylor Kinney is sort of ridiculously good looking. like George Clooney (ER-era) on steroids. it’s actually a little bit distracting sometimes. i sometimes find myself shaking my head and looking at him in his scenes, thinking it’s just nuts that he’s that blessed.

this is what i’m talking about. i think it’s his blue blue eyes that get me — and the salt-and-pepper hair. oy.

blue eyes

such blue eyes!

i mean, really...

i mean, really…

his eyes remind me of Paul Newman...

Taylor Kinney’s eyes remind me of Paul Newman…

gossipy fact: Taylor Kinney is dating Lady Gaga, whose name i feel the need to pronounce like Miranda Hart does on Miranda: Lady Gugh-Gahhh.

Patricia Hodge — Miranda’s mother on Miranda — nails it with that line: “And the laugh this season is based on the song Poker Face by Lady GaGa.” wish the BBC wasn’t so uptight about clips — it’s brilliant.

i still don’t trust Lady GaGa. there’s something very slippery about what she’s doing, talent-wise, i think. and i don’t care for the outfit thing.

weird factoid, i think Taylor Kinney and Lady GaGa met on a video shoot in the cornfields of Nebraska of all places.

uh, a little more GaGa than i meant to include….


brown eyes

but then there’s Yuri Sardarov. i love this guy too.

Yuri Sardarov

Yuri Sardarov

but a lot of it is just the fact that it’s firefighters. in a cool city like Chicago. and the show, while soapy and stuff, is a lot of fun.

hauling ass

from twitter
@yursar Yuriy Sardarov 12 Nov
“@UberFacts: Most people do not smile until about 11.16 on Monday morning” But I’ve been up since 5am with these fools

both images from twitter

from twitter
Jesse_Spencer Jesse Spencer 12 Oct
Privates on parade


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