Cobook – Address Book app (Mac only)

a big W

a big W

big win

so while i’m applying for all of these jobs and trying to finish moving furniture around…

…i’m trying to get organized.

let me out of here!

let me out of here!

it’s sort of working. baby steps at this point, sometime literally. but slow and steady, progress….

have been pretty frustrated with Apple’s address book and all of the different email addresses and contacts there are to keep track of. i need the information to be on my iPhone, and it needs to sync between all of the different sources.



pleased as punch to have found Cobook.

TechCrunch had a great article that sold me on the desktop app instantly. the headline says it all: “Cobook, A Slick Address Book App That Doesn’t Upload Your Data.”


Cobook — an application to keep your contacts organized


what i like most

  • the privacy thing is awesome — files are not stored with Cobook, everything is stored locally
  • it’s deceptively simple
  • it works!
  • it looks great
  • incidental plus — duplicates begone! finding a great solution like this forced me get over myself and take the initiative to delete all duplicates on my email accounts. a blessed thing i was hoping i wouldn’t have to do manually

on the duplication issue: Yahoo! has a delete duplicates function. the gmail solution is more of a merge thing, but it was fine too.

i am trying to approach all of this data mining from a more librarian / archivist perspective — like with EAD, go top down and set up the system. don’t have to be super granular in the approach, as it takes too much T&E (Time & Expense).

it’s almost magical how smart that approach can be!




back to Cobook, i like the desktop version graphically a lot better. the iPhone app is a little too much like the Apple Contacts. the interface makes sense though, so…. but the Cobook desktop app hides in your toolbar up top, and when you click on the phone number it’s these huge white numbers that even someone old like me can read from far away. LOVE this.

this was all discovered before the awesome news this week: Cobook came out with an iPhone App this week!

for all you non-Mac folks, an Android version should be coming out soon.

official info

here’s a video about both the desktop and the iPhone apps.

Cobook – Desktop app

Cobook – iPhone app

i’m a huge fan of these guys at Cobook. this will make my life exponentially easier. yay!


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